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How to Legally Start Your Business!

The mini-course every ambitious entrepreneur wants and needs to start their business.


You’ve decided to go into business for yourself!  Taking care of the legal stuff up front will save you tons of money, headaches, and heartaches.

This Mini-Course is perfect for you if:

You’re a new entrepreneur.

You plan on launching a business.

You want to get started the “right” way with legal stuff.

You want to relax knowing your business is set up correctly.

You’re an entrepreneur, tired of living in fear because you never took care of the legal stuff.

Andrea lays out the legal stuff:

Differences between an LLC and DBA

How to file an LLC on your own

How to NOT get sued

What contracts you need for your business

The difference between trademarks and copyrights

And so much more!

No more guesswork when it comes to properly setting up your business. This mini-course lays out the basics to get you started on the right foot without spending hundreds of dollars on an attorney. See you inside the course!


Inside the Mini- Course:

How to Legally Start Your Business!

Module 1: Business Entities

Laying out the difference between sole proprietorship, LLC, partnership, and a corporation.

Module 2: Filing Your LLC

Learn how to file your own LLC and protect your personal assets from the liabilities of your business.

Module 3: Maintaining Your LLC

There are things you must do to maintain your LLC, learn the requirements you must continue to fulfill.

Module 4: Business Contracts

Learn the exact contracts you need for your business to operate on the right side of legal.

Module 5: Protecting Your IP

Your intellectual property is yours, protect it! An introduction to trademarks and copyrights, and why you need them.

Bonus Module: It's a Surprise!

Remember, the Legalpreneur knows exactly what ambitious entrepreneurs want and need most!

The Lawyer and Entrepreneur behind it all:

Hi, I’m Andrea Sager. As a serial entrepreneur and a lawyer, I know first-hand how important it is for businesses of any size or stage to have legal support. That’s why I left my big law firm to follow my true passion: helping other entrepreneurs meet their fullest potential by leveraging the power of the law for an affordable price.

Inside this mini-course, you’re not just learning How to Legally Start Your Business, you’re getting inside information from an attorney AND entrepreneur with years of experience running multiple businesses who can relate to your unique needs. I’ve walked miles in your shoes, and then some. This course is designed to provide the support you need to get started LEGALLY and save $$$!


B.B.A., Business with an emphasis in Accounting

J.D., NKU Chase College of Law

Admitted in Ohio


Our Ambitious Clients- Just. Like. You!

From start-up to serial entrepreneur, and every stage in-between:

Rosie Zilinskas
Rosie Zilinskas19 Stages Career and Leadership Coaching
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The Legalpreneur helped me set up my LLC and I am working through the Trademark process with my company name.
Jazmine Ventura
Jazmine VenturaStartup Biz: Website in Development
Read More
Wow, thank you so much to you and Anjie for all of the help and guidance!! I’m SO happy to be part of the Legalpreneur! So excited to get my LLC done!
Elaine Lou Cartas
Elaine Lou CartasWOC Business Coach
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"Andrea Sager Law and my Legalpreneur Membership help when dealing with difficult situations, contract writing, my LLC, and trademarks. I've been so happy with Andrea's team that I consistently refer her to clients and friends."
Danielle Uhl
Danielle UhlBusiness Alignment Coach
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I’m blown away with everything I’ve received from Andrea Sager Law and the Legalpreneur. I filed my first trademark and have a go to for contracts and updates to legal terms. Thank you for everything you guys do for entrepreneurs!
Lola Adegoke
Lola AdegokeNigerian-American International Dev. Prof.
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All the lawyers from the Legalprenuer answer all my questions on time. I am a serial entrepreneur and involved in many things and a legal question comes up all the time regarding all of my businesses. It’s so helpful to have a lawyer on hand that I can ask any business question from my faith apparel e-commerce brand, to my international ngo, to my virtual language learning school. I’m sure I would open more businesses in the future that would benefit from this too.
Miranda Amora
Miranda AmoraFeminine Embodiment
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I love Andrea Sager Law!!! I feel so blessed to have found Andrea. As a start up investing in a Lawyer sounds scary. The fact that her mission is to help people like me is seriously soooo powerful. With her Legalpreneur membership I felt more confidence. I could relax about business decisions and felt more in control. I felt safe. If you’re a new entrepreneur legal stuff usually isn’t your forte and Andrea makes it easy and affordable which is what I need. Seriously soooo grateful. I can’t thank her enough.
MommyCoSmall Biz Support
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Besides the legal support, the Legalpreneur Membership allows me to have piece of mind and rest assured that I have an expert always available for questions and/or concerns. Andrea's team supported me with Terms and Conditions as well as with my Privacy Policy. I also recently had my business registered as an LLC, which made a huge difference for my business.
Margie Núñez
Margie NúñezMentora de Negocios
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The Contract Vault helped me easily and with no trouble setup the legal requirements for my website. Andrea’s legal advise is so useful, especially for the stage my business is at right now. Thank you so much!!
Crystal Cooper
Crystal CooperHolistic Skincare & Traditional Beauty Tools
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Andrea Sager Law helped me set up my LLC with ease and without the worry. I have also been utilizing the contracts from the Contract Vault for my online retail and consulting websites. Both services have been amazing and well worth the money spent!
Yuley Burrow
Yuley BurrowYuley's interesting Things
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The legal advice I receive with my Legalpreneur Membership is way better than what I found searching on my own, and I didn't need to pay huge money that I don't have right now.