The 4 things your contract must include


Created by Andrea Sager, Attorney, Serial Entrepreneur, and Founder of The Legalpreneur

If I had to take a guess, it's not that you aren't trying to legally protect your business. It's that ...

  • overwhelmed feeling trying to get your business started!
  • confusion when there’s just TOO much information!
  • instant fear when you see the word legal.
  • at least the contracts seem simple.. until you realize your business depends on them!

In this FREE guide, learn how contracts can give you the confidence you need to grow and keep the money you've earned!

Free guide - the contract must haves

Get your business started with confidence in “legal”.

Learn the specific MUST HAVE aspects of the contract.

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No more "guesswork"!

Andrea's contracts have been INCREDIBLY helpful. She has helped save us six-figures in past contracts. I recommend Andrea to all of the businesses I work with!

Chris Harder

Takes the guesswork out of the legal side of my new business.

Melissa Ruiz
Show and Tell with Me

I've used the service agreement contract to send to my first few clients! The contract templates in the Contract Vault made me feel confident and protected with what I was sending to my first few clients.

Jordan Horwat
Copy By Jordan

Meet Andrea

I’m a serial entrepreneur that left a big law firm after realizing my true passion was assisting small business owners. While in law school, I started my first business, a women’s clothing boutique. After I sold my store and began my career as a lawyer, I quickly realized I wouldn’t be able to assist fellow small business owners, which is why I started Andrea Sager Law PLLC and founded The Legalpreneur.

With my unique experience running multiple businesses, you will have a trusted legal expert by your side as you grow your business. I am not just an attorney, I am your business partner guiding you through all stages of the growth of your business.

I understand that every business has a different budget, which is why The Legalpreneur provides several different types of service – subscription based, flat-fee, DIY, and free legal education. Whether you’re looking for contracts, trademarks, or other business legal services, The Legalpreneur is sure to exceed your expectations. See you inside this free guide I created for you, let’s explore your contracts!

I’ve been a practicing attorney now for many years (more than I’m willing to admit), and I’ve known Andrea pretty much her entire life. So, I know both the legal world and the specific lawyer, and I can say with all confidence that she’s one of the best. I remember telling her not to go to law school (because often being a lawyer is miserable), but typical Andrea, she was head-strong in knowing exactly what she wanted. And she’s never stopped getting results her entire life.

Since then, she’s thrived. She’s owned multiple very successful businesses, and she has been able to remain an amazing woman, mother and friend in the process. I practice liability defense, but when I have a client who needs any small-business type of legal work, she’s absolutely my first resource and referral. She’s reasonable (both as a person and with her pricing!), practical, knowledgeable and truly cares about her clients and results. If I owned a business, I’d trust its protection only to Andrea.

EMILY SWANSON, Attorney at Lasater and Martin, PC
This guide makes the legal stuff so simple for you to protect and grow your business with confidence!